Can you change the seed phrase on your account?


My wallet has been compromised and all my coins are taken.

Is it possible to change the seed phrase and keep the address as i am expecting to get airdrop of tokens in the coming months.

How do i stop the hackers from getting my tokens before they drop?



Hi, I have the same problem I committed my stupidity to give my 12 secret phrase “seed” there will be some way to change it since I have everything linked on that account
Please help us!!!

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Not possible to change the seed phrase / secret recovery phrase.
I would recommend to research on white hat hackers to help you front run a transaction to get your funds out as soon as a drop.

Never ever give those phrases out. No support agent will need those either.

hi i have a same problem…i validate/authenticate my wallet…now there is someone have access my wallet, when i transfer my fund in metamask it will send into another account…what can i do

if i reset my wallet?will anyone lose access to my wallet?

there is no way to change the seed phrase, the seed phrase is used to make your wallet so it cannot be changed, you need to forget about that wallet and make a new one with a new seed phrase.

it sounds like you’ve done this via some phishing link giving the scammer access to your wallet. Please be careful out there and use official support. Report the link to us if you can, and warn others to stay away from it.

You may need to get a new wallet with a new set of the secret recovery phrases. was the website

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A pro tip I would like to share, book mark any frequent use site, to ensure it’s not a fake site with similar spelling that you will be visiting.

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can you help me?someone access in my wallet i cannot transfer and withdraw my funds in my nft game because someone is getting my funds transfer into another wallet

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i have the same problem but i also have staked tokens that i cannot save has my eth gets stolen about 25 sec after arrival.