Cannot connect to opensea

Every time I try to connect metamask to opensea, it links me to the download link on Chrome. I have metamask installed in extension, Chrome, Windows 10. I can even manually connect to the site but it still does not recognize my wallet. I can do everything via mobile app which is where I started. Help. I have cleared cache, reinstalled, everything.


Hey, i got the same problem. i tried everything to connect metamask with opensea. after changing the setting of metamask extension to ''Allow access to file URLs" from manage extension and restarting crime will solve this. make sure to log in with meta mask after restarting… Hope it helped!

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hello everyone. i am trying to purchase an NFT, the amount is deducted and when i reach the sign stage, it shows error and i dont know what is the issue. i tried several times, but it wont go through, this is not my first NFT and i did not have this issue from before. would welcome any suggestions. p.s. i restarted my lap top and tried again, same issue.

Would really welcome any help, i dont know where did my ETH go!!! and the NFT is still not showing in my account.

Hey @zayali, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: