Cannot Send From Metamask to Kraken

Hey everyone!

I am a total noob with cypto and trying to figure out my way around it. I transferred USDT into my metamask and now I want to transfer it into my Kraken account.

I have everything setup, but when I go to the transfer screen and when I enter the amount, the “next” button does not work, its greyed out. What are your thoughts?

How can I transfer this?

Thank you

Hey, thanks for the reply and offering to help. This is the first time I’ve used Metamask to make a transfer of USDT to Kraken so I could be doing something wrong.

I’m using metamask on chrome. My OS is Big Sur on mac. The USTD shows up in my account and when I click on send USDT it just doesn’t give me the option to send. The button is greyed out and not clickable.

I cannot upload an image or a link because I’m “new” here which seems to be incredibly unhelpful but I would love anyone thoughts or help on how to get my USDT to my Kraken account.

Did this get resolved?