Unable to send USDT Metamask

Please help,

I’m only have 321 USDT int Metamask wallet (ethereum mainnet), and I want to send to other wallet, max and next button unable to click. Is it means I never could send my asset to other wallet anymore?? :sob:

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my address : 0x106d216f236c45FA10a9238C800560d414160A35

send to this : 0x319cb02c1542d39271c78682d8443c8dc2c810d0

my metamask wallet
321 USDT

Unable swap to eth neither

Thanks in advanced, I’ll trying

please be aware of scammers in the community. Read up on the safety tips

ETH is gas, without gas you can’t move the other tokens in your wallet. By transferring ETH into that account, you will be able to initiate transactions. Cheers!

I have the same trouble with @sticky .
But I tried to send USDT to Binance via BSC.
(Send back and use the same way)

Next button inactivate.

Unable to send BNB and within my account.

#Next button inactivate.
Please advise, thank you.