Can't send my USDT to Binance

I can’t move my USDT from Metamask to Binance.

I hit SEND as always, put my Binance USDT address, but the boxes of NEXT and MAX are off. I just cant click on them.

Please, your help


Hi @Dekamm,
Did you solve it? I’m having the same issue and I haven’t found any announcement or acknowledge from MetaMask about this.
I don’t think this is an isolated issue.

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Nope, nobody can help me idk what we have to do :confused:

I can’t send the USDT in MetaMask to KuCoin or any other exchange. It’s been 3 months.

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Do you have enough ETH for gas ? Kindly share your address to check.

Hey @Burhan62, please create a new topic for your separate issue :slight_smile: