I can't use my USDT in my Metamask

Hi guys, I accidentally sent USDT from my Binance wallet to Metamask wallet by using BSC Network, I found the amount in my wallet but i can’t Send it or Swap it anymore, It’s kind of stuck in my account, Need help please.

do you have bnb in your wallet ?

I have the token Yes but it’s empty ( 0 )

What is empty? Is the usdt in Binance Wallet empty or is the usdt in MM empty? Did you add bsc chain to your MM wallet?

I have transferred USDT from Binance, I received them in my Metamask Wallet, using Binance Smart Chain, But i can’t use them to pay Gas-Fees,

I can’t send my USDT outside the Metamask, And i can’t Swap them for Ethereum as well…

It’s stuck in my wallet…

Of course, on the bsc chain, bnb must be used to pay for gas.
Your problem is that you don’t know that bnb must be used as a fee to transfer coins on the bsc chain?

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Yes that’s correct, I didn’t know that, I thought I can send them as USDT and pay the gas fees,

So I need to import BNB to pay for Swap/Send transaction?

In the same way, in the eth wallet, only eth can be used as a gas fee, and on the ht chain, only ht can be used as a gas fee.


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