Unable to swap/send my USDT (binance smart chain)

Hi there I have some USDT in MetaMask in my binance smart chain.

Initially, I tried sending the USDT but got the error since I have no BNB I assume

When trying to swap USDT to BNB it takes me through the normal process but it’s stuck on this screen and nothing happens

When I click the see explorer scanner just shows me an error

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hi @AlexBThomsen ,welcome to MetaMask community.

Both transfer and swap require bnb as gas, and 0.01 is enough.
You can buy some bnb from Binance and withdraw to your wallet. When withdrawing, choose the BSC chain.
Or ask your friends to transfer some bnb to you.

The error in the screenshot below may be caused by network, you can try later.


Hi, I see well noted thanks. Confusing cause in the preview I see this as in 0 required fees


Did you sort it out? You always need BNB as gas fees on the BSC network. I do it all the time on DeFi projects, let me know if you have any questions. When I first started, it was pretty confusing, but now I do it without even thinking…


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