Binance to Metamask using USDT

Hi - My support question comes from a person new to bitcoins.

I am wondering is there a minimun amount I can send / swap using MetaMask?

,1 - I transferred $60 USDT from Binance to my Metamask wallet.
2 - I added the USDT as token in Metamask
3 - I can see the USDT funds
4 - I have attempted to swap for BNB and ETH
5 - I keep being blocked
6 - Error is the same each time - I have to pay GAS fee of 0.0004 BNB
7 - I have reduced the transfer amount even to $1 but still get the GAS fee notice
8 - I have checked the settings and I can’t change or edit the GAS fee
9 - I am rather frustrated.

Additional notes:
Using mobile app
Metamask already has network / BSC installed

I would greatly appreciate and help.

Thank you for your time.


What I do not understand is why it keeps asking for 0.0024 BNB when I have credit. I have even reduced the transfer amount so it can take the GAS fee but this does nothing.

Is there a minimun transaction fee?

Do I need to have say $150 USDT or more?

There are no helpful examples.


I feel like I am programming a commodore 64 and can’t find the bug in the last line of code… surly someone must have an idea?

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If I connect my wallet to PanCakeSwap I can see the USDt but it also says I need to pay 0.000240 GAS fee. I do not understand why this isn’t taken from my balance. I have already deposited twice to try and get rid of this but this has made no difference.

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SOLUTION - Simple… just bought some BNB and presto! Transaction complete.


thank you for your time

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