I sent funds from Binance but they never got to Metamask

Hello everybody,
About a day ago I sent USDT from Binance to my Metamask wallet (my first time). Those funds are not yet showing up in the wallet. Before sending them I had already added the smart chain network, but I just checked it for good measure and it is the same as they all indicate
I leave you my TxID just in case: 0xd09fbf7dba9dcae6a22a565d26cdd6999281692427d61189f94457e70a21a690
and a screenshot of my Metamask networks.

If you need any more information just tell me and I will indicate

Hope someone can help me. Thanks

Hello Federico open this page :point_down: and click on fox :fox_face: Binance Smart Chain

PS: be careful :warning: Binance-Peg BUSD-T not is USDT (Ethereum mainnet) but Binance token

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Thank you very much Luigi, you are my savior.
Now I have the following drawback, I want to send those usdt back to my binance wallet. There is a problem with gas that I do not know much about. How do I solve it?

Adding information: I only have usdt in metamask, I don’t have any other. Adding information: I only have usdt in metamask, I don’t have any other. Thank you

fedeluax7 Binance Smart Chain need to get some BNB to pay for gas.

I sent you 0.00041 BNB :cowboy_hat_face:

Hello Luigi, thank you very much you are too kind. But the same problem continues. As far as I understand I need to load BNB into my metamask.
I have btc in binance, could I change some to BNB and pass it to metamask to have gas? . My fear is to enter those BNB into metamask and that they get trapped as it is happening to me with my USDT. Besides that the minimum amount that allows me to send binance to metamask is 42 dollars (0.1 BNB) so there would already be more than 60 dollars trapped in metamask. What would you advise me to do? All I want is to withdraw my money to binance, which is a platform that I know a little more about. Thank you very much for your help

Hi Federico yes :see_no_evil: it is not good

I will make a deal with you :smiley: you send me ETH using BEP20 (for 1 - 2$) and I’ll send you some BNB

Minimum withdrawal 0.00022 ETH :smiley: now cca only 0,54$

My ETH address :point_down:

Ok luigi I think I did everything right, again thanks for your help.

OK :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: I send you BNB

Thanks Luigi, is that okay? I put the address that binance provided me. The gas and that I leave it as it is? I don’t want to make a mistake hehe

send only 1 dolar :smiley: for test

That’s a good idea! But won’t I run out of bnb for later? or is it enough for everything?

1 transaction cca 0.12 - 0.20$ fee :smiley: it will work

I sent USDC from metamask bsc network to Metamask ETH network but unfortunately my usdcs have not been available for 3 weeks.

I wrote to support, I have been waiting for days.

I’m so desperate please can someone help?

Hello. I have the same issue. Funds did not show up on Metamask. I had done many transactions on BUSD and the asset is nicely setted up.

Help please.