Missing USDT (Binance - Metamask)

Hello, good day, I made a USDT transfer from my wallet on binance to metamask.
The transaction has already passed but the coins have not entered my wallet.
I have checked my address and the contract, and it matches. Still it has not been transferred to my METAMASK wallet, but my USDT were already withdrawn from my Binance wallet for the transaction. I am on the SMART CHAIN / BNB network. I have done history clearing in the browser I use, still my USDTs are not reflected in my wallet.

I would appreciate your prompt assistance.

This is my Transaction Hash:


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Hello Carolina @carol.grrrl try opening this page :point_down:

and click Add Token to Web3 Wallet :point_down:


thaaaanks!!! So much!! It works! <3

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