I can not convert usdt (tether) to bnb or withdraw usdt

I can not swap mi usdt to bnb, metamask says needs pay gas to make transaction, i do not have bnb coin, i am making conversion to have for all, need help, my smat chain bnb account is 0x746aFe47410c0D999ACDA5e70a560a74273Ce2F6
Sorry but comision must be pays on coin who i am making conversion (usdt) not in the resulting.

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Now i can not swap usdt to bnb, says i need 0.00218173BNB mi bnb smart chain account is 0x746aFe47410c0D999ACDA5e70a560a74273Ce2F6 help me

Hey @juan3619, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

You will need BNB to pay for the gas fees of the transaction itself. I would suggest transferring some BNB into your address to pay for the gas fee.

Are there a person who wants give me help with all that? Sorry i can’t withdraw bnb because the page binance says me that i must have 0.1 and so very xpensive.