Withdrawal USDT in BSC

Hi, I sent USDT to my Binance Smart Chain by mistake and now I want to withdrawal this founds to another wallet. But it´s not posible because It says that I need to pay gas and I don’t have BNB or ETH.
I have USDT, why can I pay with it? What solutions I have? Sent BNB or ETH to my wallet? The fees are higher than my founds

And if I send to BSC that ETH or BNB is it possible to use in Ethereum Chain? the wallets of the Chains are “communicated”?
Thanks a lot

Hi, Binance Smart Chain is Binance Smart Chain :smiley: not Ethereum Chain
and Binance Smart Chain use gas BNB not ETH
must buy some BNB (0.051 BNB) on Binance
and send BNB on your Metamask ETH address

PS: MUST used BEP20 for withdraw BNB :exclamation:
PS2: be careful :smile:

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Your answer was very helpfull. You’re so kind, thanks a lot

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