I can select ETH tokens and send them with no problem but I can’t send other ERC 20 tokens. Whenever I select an AMP token for example, the buttons get greyed out.

There was one time in the last week where I was allowed to select a 0 amount transaction, which is just stupid because no one is paying tx fees to send 0 tokens.

Like I said, I can send ETH, and I have enough for gas fees but when selecting AMP, Metamask doesn’t act right. Is it a bug, or is it something on my computer? I don’t know and would like to troubleshoot the problem but Metamask’s customer support is hot trash.

If I had known how horrible Metamask was I would never have sent my AMP tokens to the wallet. I should have just left my tokens on the exchange. Worst user experience, of any product that I’ve ever used, EVER!

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I’m having the same issue sending usdt off my metamask wallet. Need help!

I experienced the same issue with USDT, sent email to support team to solve the problem for 4-5 days but no feedback until now. I am kind of disappoited at their support.

this is my wallet:

beware Elon5 is scammer

Thank you for your alert!

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Exactly the same problem.

Same problem. No help from support. Furthermore to add insult to injury, I thought that reinstalling MM would correct the issue, used the seed words to restore the account and access to two of the public addresses has been lost. The addresses weren’t imports…Can’t transact, lost access to 2 MM public addresses with assets, and support doesn’t care enough to respond…Do what I’m doing my friend, get your private keys and move to another wallet (not a hot wallet). I really liked MM, having been using it for 3 years but the issues this week are unacceptable. We’re a non-profit that built a digital complementary currency on the EVM and have transfers to make…