Cannot send slp to binance

hello everyone
i am trying to send slp to binance through my metamask wallet
but i just cant seem to be able to click Next Button after putting the slp amount im trying to send :frowning:
i looked everywhere for a solution but i just cant find any

this happens to both pc and phone :frowning:


i do have 39 dollar but still cant

i deposited more eth 45 dollar and now the key is clickable

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Hi, the exact same thing is happening to me. At the time of placing my binance address, it does not allow me to even place the slp that I have available, much less give it to the next one. did you find any solution? Thank you

Yes just put eth in your wallet like more than 40 dollar and u should be good to go

i have the same error, and i have 40 dollar in ethereum on metamask, and the gas fee is lower than 40, i don`t understand why this error happen

I am having the same difficulty. Does anyone have the solution? Thanks!