Cannot Swap this token (Hive)

I swapped BNB for this token Hive (0x860314608176498cf63d9f88f06e8131b699f843) some days ago on pancakeswap, but now I cannot swap it back to BNB. In pancakeswap its always stuck on the enable hive button and on MetaMask there is always no quote for a swap. How can I swap this back? Ive checked the token on bscscan and it seems like other wallets can swap it back from pancakeswap.

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Hello @kaitm42.

From what you’re saying, i’m understanding that you first need to enable the hive token in order for you to exchange it afterwards. Make sure you approve the transaction in MetaMask for that operation.

I am approving it but its always stuck on the pending transaction

always stuck on this no matter how many times I repeat it

can somebody confirm if its a fake coin and cannot be converted back? Coz thats my suspicion. But when I check the bscscan of the token, some addresses can swap it back from pancakeswap

Could be a network issue, try closing pancakeswap and reopening

No need to repeat the operation, your transaction is pending, you can speed up or cancel it.


If you go to and copy in your wallet address, do you see your transactions pending still?

Here is a link to how to read transactions on a blockchain explorer like bscscan if you don’t have experience with it :

In addition to the great article @tuya shared above, you can see this for more info on transactions if you’d like to dive deeper on studying about it :slight_smile:


Surprisingly, there is no pending transaction in bscscan

but there is still in MetaMask app

and why cant I speed it up if I have enough bnb?
Screenshot 2022-09-02 070433

my suspicion is that this hive is really a fake token :smiling_face_with_tear:

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strangeness. The picture above shows that there is not enough funds and needs 0.0019bnb, but the picture below shows that you have 0.0057bnb.

Try adding some bnb to this wallet from other wallets and see if it works. :smiling_face_with_tear:


The token with which you have interacted may be fake.

  1. The token contract address is not given on CoinMarketCap.
  2. The price of the token is shown zero on bscscan. Please see the following image.
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Yeah thats my suspicion too that its fake. What I find strange though is that if you look at the transactions for this token, you can see that there are transactions both in and out from other wallets.

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I checked CoinMarketCap and HIVE is listed on Binance as well. I am not sure though if it is on the BSC or not. To make sure the token is not fake, I suggest you contact Binance Support and ask whether such a token with the aforementioned contract address is listed on Binance? In case you have a Binance account, you can yourself check to see whether Binance accepts depositing the token on Smart Chain? If yes, then you need to know if its contract address is the same as the contract address of your tokens?

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I already did some research about this token and am already sure that this Hive token that I swapped is different from the Hive listed on binance. Just want to know of its a legitimate project or not, but it seems more and more that this one is really fake :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Just wondering if someone knows why other wallets can swap it back from pancake swap and I cannot

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The one listed on Binance is for the Hive Blockchain and is legitimate. I am sorry for what happened. Always, before interacting with any tokens/sites make sure that they are legitimate. In case you have funds in your wallet, it is better to transfer them to another wallet. Please refer to the following link.

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As for this question, I have also checked.
This is what I think, I am not sure about the answer though. That token with a similar name “may” not have enough liquidity. Or it “may” be another trick to scam people. Please DYOR.


This is probably a scam that can only be bought but not sold. I checked the information of this token. His Twitter has been cancelled in May. Before buying tokens, please remember to confirm whether they are normal and don’t let yourself fall into the trap.

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