Cant exchange my GMX to arbitrum

So I accidently got DMX instead of arbitrum and I wanna change it back but I keep getting this error -

But in my eth wallet I have well over that amount.

any help? thanks

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hi @astro10 . welcome to MetaMask community
Your current eth seems to be on Ethereum, and you need the eth of arb network as gas.
You only need to transfer into some eth of the arb network from an exchange or other wallet.
According to the picture, it needs to be greater than 0.00136. So you can transfer to 0.002


oh okay, I got another question tho, why does it say I need more eth when converting my arbitum to eth?

I clearly have .0039 eth in my wallet and the gas fee is .00318169, shouldnt that be enough?

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As you can see, although your balance is greater than the estimated gas, the max fee is 14.06 u, your balance should be greater than it.
Because gas changes at any time, in order to ensure that the transaction proceeds, our balance needs to be more than the max gas.


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