I lost my ETH! please help to get what is my rihgt

My ETH was gone after I tried to send 0.45 ETH from my FTX wallet to my metamask wallet.

Here is my Metamask address 0xD918E65E7409ACa0c8F08F355B805f848697EFC9
And transaction hash is 0x27251cfbcc869474d3c5c7d1d04e4a509350dc91dd12d014c8a4c3b6e8e18c04

And i have got mail saying my withdrawl is done from FTX e-mail account.
But there is no ETH i have got from my wallet on FTX.

I also track on transaction on Etherscan. But there is only transaction that I send my 0.45 ETH but there is no ETH I got.

i really appreciate your help to get what is my righ.

Hello @MoonBit and welcome to MetaMask community.

It appears you chose the wrong network to send ETH to. Instead of Ethereum network, you chose Arbitrum network.
Your ETH is in your wallet, but on Arbitrum network. This is your transaction:

Please add Arbitrum network to your MetaMask wallet and from there you can access your ETH and either bridge them to Ethereum or move them back to the exchange and from the exchange to Ethereum network by choosing the correct network.


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