Didnt recieve eth

Hi I recentlly add my metamask in ethermine 11 hours ago ethermine pay eth to my wallet but in my wallet dont show anything and my eth is 0
Please help to fix my problem thanks

Please check in ethermine the transaction ID for the payment and check it on etherscan, or copy the transaction ID here and I can check.

Also make sure the address you put in ethermine is your wallet address.

Hash : 0x12155cd3abbda2b9cf8598a6930a48d19a91b2316d70ae11a113f6ddd1136de6

My wallet adress:

yeah, that transaction hash cannot be found and there is no transactions on your wallet, so there was an issue with this transaction. It didn’t go through. Does it say as successful on your ethermine account?

Yes the status is successful

mmmm, don’t know what to say. The transaction doesn’t exist. you will have to ask Ethemine support to look into it.

This is not a Metamask issue, the transaction never went through

Where should I post my problem ? Is there any forum?

I don’t know. I haven’t used etherminer, so I do not know. I did check their webpage and they say this:

So maybe if you log in to your account you can submit a support ticket?

You will have to check this yourself though since I don’t have an ethermine account.

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It said if its show on polygon dont ticket the problem is from wallet in polygan it said sucess it mean its sent from pool successfully!

Wait, it is in polygon network??
I thought you where mining Ethereum.

OK, your Ethereum is in Polygon Network, not Ethereum network, that is why you cannot see it:

If you add polygon network to your Metamask wallet and change to the polygon network you can see your WETH (Wrapped Ethereum).

If you want to change it to Ethereum network you will need to use a Bridge, don’t transfer between networks, it doesn’t work.

How can I use a bridge for ethereum network ?

I add polygon network in setting by guide in site

But it show me MATIC how can I see my ethereum ?


To move the WETH to ETH you need to use the Polygon Bridge:

For this you need to be connected to the Polygon (Matic) Network on the Metamask wallet.

If you want to see the WETH on the Polygon Mainnet you need to add the Token and add the contract address which is:


Using the bridge needs a transaction fee in MATIC token, and it will take about 3 hours to complete, so be patient.

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When I want to use bridge mode it said i sufficient funds for gas price and gas limit!!
What is this ?!
I should confirm in my metamask to send etherum in my wallet

That is what I was explaining before, you need MATIC in your wallet for the transaction fee. Since it is in the Polygon network, sending to the Ethereum network, you need to pay gas fees in MATIC.
If it was the other way around, you would pay in ETH. You pay gas fees in the network you are starting from.

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Lost my ETH.

I was using MetaMask on the Polygon network. I just completed several swaps from Titan to ETH.

From the MetaMask application, it said I had 15.1 ETH and I clicked send and entered my wallet address at Nexo.

My coins never arrived and Nexo support said the coins sent were not ETH but WETH “wrapped ether”

Prior to sending, nowhere on MetaMask say I had wrapped ether. I discovered this AFTER the transaction occurred.


Is it possible to recover my coins?

Hi theinvestmentguy,

Yes, your ETH was sent through the Polygon (MATIC) network. Please search here (in the forum) how to add MATIC network to Metamask, once you have added the network, change to the network and add the token WETH (Contract number: 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619)

You should see your ETH there.

If you want to change them to the Ethereum network you will need to use a Polygon to Ethereum Bridge: wallet(dot)matic(dot)network/bridge/

For using the bridge you need to pay the gas fees (transaction fee) in MATIC token, so you need to have some MATIC in your MATIC Network wallet.

By the way, Polygon and Matic are the same, initially it was called MATIC and then they changed the name to Polygon, but the Token is still called MATIC, since that how it started, but you will both names used interchangeably, in case this causes confusion.

Thank you first of all for your response. I downloaded and added Matic and the contract number. It said the contract was already added and it shows 0 ETH.

It does show me that I have sent the coins through Polygon and apparently to and address that doesn’t exist. I learned the address I was sending ETH to was on the Ethereum network, and that Polygon is completely different.

This is not your wallet address?


This is the address you transferred your ETH to.

Hi I recentlly add my metamask in ethermine 1 days ago huobi pay eth to my matamask wallet but in my matamask wallet dont show anything and my eth is 0,perhaps I choose wrong chain (heco), I asked customer service, he told me to contact the acceptance platform, I am willing to pay 20% in return.
block chain is
Please help to fix my problem thanks.