Didn't received my ETH from Ethermine

Hi! Im posting this topic because i didn’t received my ETH from Ethermine and its been 5 hours.

Hash : 0x2cf20801dea7ad5f9bce122e818c0d4488b73d8a1b4e4b76b56879b2fbfe6f5f
Address : 0x0260f3104b3a40b84013dab1313773336e3b0f7b

It shows up in polygon scan that transaction is okay. But not it doens’t shows up in Metamask or Etherscan…


Yeah of course, I tried to change network and back the ETH too

I just understood whats happend.

I received WETH on MATIC network, now, how to get it on metamask ?

Hi! Im using Chrome latest version, latest Windows 10 version and a custom PC.