Sent ETH from my Cryptodotcom to my metamask

Hi! I had an issue. I send eth from my cryptodotcom to my metamask but I realized I had my metamask wallet disconnected. If i watch it on Etherscan I see whole Eth but in my metamask funds don’t show up.
What can I do from here? THANKS A LOT

0x4805b14CA2244D44a1daEF847e57Da63B1756ED8 address
0x91ebe8f9e6e58f295298bf2b843d0ce56db241e8a3becb7d7e0bbefac85611d6 hash

now apears on activity but still not pops up i think is for fees congestion, i notices when shows up

Solved!!! Chrome extension was conflictive. I allowed public web views and all fine. I resolve