Can't Import FLOKI into my wallet

I used Metamask and Uniswap to swap ETH for FLOKI before I added the FLOKI token to my Metamask Wallet. I added the token and it said “unable to process” but sent me to the ethplorer address where I can see that I have it. How can I import it into my wallet?

I tried to swap the FLOKI back to ETH but decided against it because the gas fee was so high and the FLOKI magically appeared in my wallet! I guess that synced Uniswap and my wallet. This problem is fixed now.


Hi I have kind of the same problem. I have sent my Floki Inu coins via ERC20 to my Metamask but can’t find the correct amount in my MetaMask Wallet. It appears correctly on my etherscan but not in my MetaMask, what should I do?

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@Emrah6363 Did you add the custom token to your wallet?