Cant send my tenup

i cant send tenup token it always show insufficient funds for gas
but at the same time i try to send eth it successfully sended . please help it not even process the trasaction i have 10$ to 12$ worth eth for gas but it always show low funds for gas
please help nd swap also not working.

Please post in proper sections.

Token transactions require more gas than sending Ether. (typical Eth send is about 21,000 gas units if i recall correctly)
It’s based on the number of bits that have to be sent. All token transactions are really a smart contract interaction, which requires more bits. Most ERC20 sends require around 150,000 gas units if I recall correctly (dont quote me on those numbers, they’re rough and from memory. and probably off a bit)

I use 96 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan to keep an eye on current prices. Usually Sunday or Monday in the early am (When the USA is asleep) are the cheapest times.

When you send ETH it takes less fees as compare to a token, which means you have to pay more fee to send tokens. For example sometimes sending tokens can cost you $40 in ETH while the same amount in ETH may cost less $10 as a transaction fee. So it’s better to check how much it shows you fee before confirmation and send that amount of ETH into the wallet and then you will be able to send easily.

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