Can't send or swap my DAI from metamask

hi guys
Today i used first time metmask wallet and i if i knew how bad it it i will never use it.

Anyway to the point today i deposited about 150$ of DAI to buy coin using uniswap. I send it from binance. When my coins comes to my metamask wallet i wanted to buy coin using uniswap, but i saw that the fee is more than 100$ and it have to be in ETH… I check the web and now i knew that the fees on uniswap are currently so expensive so then i wanted to withdraw my DAI back to binance, but again i saw huge amount of fee. I change the GWEI and limit and fee was acceptable, but it have to be in ETH, but i don’t have any because i deposited DAI. I try to swap DAI to ETH, but here the fee was insane 400$ and it have to be in ETH too…

And my question is how can i withdraw my DAI or buy coins in Uniswap using metamtask without insane fees and with 0 ETH balance ?

im having the same problem. ill keep looking for a solution and get back to you if i find one

Thanks :slight_smile:
It’s unbelievable how this wallet works you can deposit any erc coin but can’t withdraw/swap/echange (so basicly you can’t do nothing wtih deposited coin) if you don’t have ETH.