Can't swap Emax to ETH

Hi. I keep getting a “Quotes not available” prompt when I try to swap my emax to ETH. Anyone had a similar issue?

My emax balance doesn’t show on my MetaMask app. I tried to swap and had the same issues.

Thank you for the reply. I only communicate through email. Are there certain instructions or do I just give my problem in the survey support?

Teraign Tate

i had the same issue just now. my tokens are not there while i was checking to swap from emax to ether.
please let me know if yourz are back

i have the same issue. please help me. my emax are gone

Yes…I have managed to trace them… You can find them at the website (put your metamask account ID in the search bar on etherscan). All the ethereum tokens that you bought are saved there. From there you can transfer them back to your metamask wallet.
Let me know if you need help…

I have the same problem. Did you find out how?

Figured it out.

In your MetaMask account, you need to add the token. Scroll to the down in MetaMask. Add token. Custom token. Enter the token address for eMax.

Here’s the address:


I’d recommend grabbing it from the site.

Then the rest of the fields will auto populate.
Then connect open uniswap.
Conmeft wallet.

Then you can swap emax for another token.

I did all that you guys said in the above messages but still i cant find any emax coins in my wallet. And when i go back to uniswap or etherscan i see them

Did you figure out how to get around the “quotes not available” issue? I swapped my eth to emax without any issue, I just can’t swap back. I’m getting that even if I put slippage to 15%

Not working for me either, same issue. Anyone got an update?