Unable to swap please help

the get quotes button will not generate any quotes and will not allow me to swap any coins back and forth from ETH to other coins.

Hi @marsh thanks for reaching us, do you have an example of what you are swapping? Do you see any warning messages? Thanks

i’m trying to swap NPXS for eth. also, my npxs only shows up in my IOS wallet but does not show up in my chrome extension. I can see it on etherscan but not able to access it

Me also i swapped eth to telcoin on metamask its telling i got 0 telcoins if i click on it i see it added 1669,97 tel its confirmed also but amount still on 0

@marsh @hydro24 thanks, could you please try removing(hiding) the token and adding it back on the extension. Let us know how it goes. Thanks.

The bottom 1/4 of the screen on the app is not working. That’s why I can’t swap or send funds.

Still not working if i click on the coin it says confirmed i see it added 1667 telcoins but i dont got it, i payed for the coins also for the fee but i dont got it still not working this is the etherscan Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

@Rbunce what mobile are you on, is it Android or iOS? Thanks
@hydro24 let me get back to you about this error message.

Thank you roosh yea please i got some more questions if you could help me with this problem i really dont got anyone to ask it

@roosh Android Huawei mate 20 pro

@hydro24 It’s an issue with the returning amount of token Not being sufficient and the swap fails we are going to create a support ticket with you about it please stand by

@Rbunce we are going to test and get back, have you submitted a support ticket by any chance?

@hydro24 could you please open a support ticket and share the number here, I’ll follow up on it. Thanks

154222 is the ticket

great thanks @hydro24

hello metamask. I come by this note to notify you that I have swapped 0.100 Petron but I have not received the etherium.