‘error fetching quote’?

new to metamask

recently purchased some shiba coin (this was done by using the metaswap to swap eth for shiba not done through uniswap), just wanted to see if i could use the metaswap to change it again back to eth so i can then withdraw it through an exchange.

when i try to swap it back to eth i get the ‘error fetching quote’ message even after ive maxed the slippage too? pls help


Following because I am having the same issue

Yep I also have the same issue.

found out you have to use uniswap through the browser in order to do the swap

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Me too. Same problem. Cant exchange anything. Plenty of gas.

Thanks! I’ll give Uniswap a try

Did this work for you, using uniswap on the browser? I am having the same issue, however installing metmamask on chrome on my computer seems odd. Did it work for you?