Cloning MetaMask results in "LavaPack is not defined"

I am just trying to clone the metamask using

MetaMask/metamask-extension from github

I am just following the docs, but ended up in error when access the extension via browser
Uncaught ReferenceError: LavaPack is not defined

I have tried to get it resolve but unable to find any clue

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yes already tried, but again it gives same errors

I guess you took it wrong. I am cloning the the metaMask by using its code from github, and during following the described process i am facing this error

Uncaught ReferenceError: LavaPack is not defined

Anyone up? please
for guidance

Running with this branch lavamoat-dev-optional resolves the issue.

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How can I fix this problem? I have the same
Thank you.

It was fixed by building up the build using node 14.15.0 version

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I am using node 16.4.1, you mean I have to install node 14.15.0 version?

“engines”: {
“node”: “^14.15.1”,
“yarn”: “^1.16.0”
You mean change this node to “14.15.0”?

Yes you can try with 14.15.0 node it might help

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try again,fix your wallet with sth

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I could run “yarn dist” and “Load” to Chrome without the error “LavaPack is not defined” before.
After a lot of modification, I can not “Load” to Chrome (because of this error). I think is it the policy of Lavamoat?

Just go with this branch of metaMask repo

Use node 14.15.0
and follow the normal instructions as given in readme. It will not cause the lavamoat issue.

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Command failed with signal “SIGTRAP”
“LavaPack is not defined” is fixed, I run it ok. But now I have another mistake. It is “Command failed with signal “SIGTRAP” when I run " yarn dist”. This happens both my files and original Metamask files. Can you help me?