Coinbase pop-up when I am logging into Metamask

When I am visiting some applications where I wish to be logged into my MetaMask wallet, I will click on the ‘log into MetaMask’ which will trigger a Coinbase popup asking me if I want to log into my Coinbase account. When this happens, it prevents me from logging into my MetaMask wallet. I have checked my PC for any Coinbase applications/chrome extensions and I do not have any. How can I stop this pop-up or simply autologin to the application? Thanks!

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hey @TomG , welcome to the MetaMask community. :fox_face:
Have you tried closing the coinbase window and refreshing the page?
If it still doesn’t work, can you post a screenshot? Don’t reveal your address or ens.


The login page

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The Popup

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I try to login, the Coinbase pop up comes up and I close it out, reload the page but no luck.

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This image looks like you have the coinbase wallet installed.
But if you really don’t have it installed, don’t use it. Some dapps will pretend to be wallets to defraud users of their recovery phrase.

See what other people have suggestions or ideas.


Hello @TomG, welcome to MetaMask community!

The popup can’t appear unless there’s some connectivity to the Coinbase wallet in some way, either through an extension or some other sort of connection. Recheck everything to make sure you don’t have it installed in any way. You can even go as far as reinstalling your browser and MetaMask extension, just to make sure it’s clean, if by any chance you couldn’t find anything related to Coinbase wallet on your PC/browser.


I searched for a Coinbase application, found it and deleted it - problem solved. Thanks so much for your help!


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