Complete overview of disadvantages

Dear development team! It is very sad to see that the wallet that started my acquaintance with cryptocurrency continues to lag behind competitors and degrade. Do you really have enough creativity and experience just to make the fox start to turn its head?! Where are the real changes?

  1. Reflection of the adequate cost of gas, since 80% of transactions fail when testing new networks and services because testers keep a small amount of funds on such wallets. Excessive gas blocks transactions.
  2. A complete and up-to-date list of networks to add to the wallet.
  3. Automatic search for coins.
  4. A search window in the wallet to select a network by first letters or at least alphabetical order … or the ability to customize the location of the user’s choice. THIS IS A SUPER NECESSARY FUNCTION WHEN YOU HAVE 30…40…AND MORE NETWORKS IN YOUR WALLET!
  5. No announcements about the implementation of ERC-4337.
  6. There is no way to see the total balance of the wallet.
  7. Outdated interface. Few user settings.
  8. An undeniably wrong decision about the recent design change and relocation of functionality.
  9. The ability to restore the wallet settings to their previous state in case of forced reinstallation on the device. All settings are lost and restoring networks and coins is like being in hell!
  10. Automatic loading of settings, networks and coins when installing a wallet on a new device.
    This is the most minimal list of recommendations that needs to be implemented URGENTLY! I am sure that specialists and developers have something to add to my words, but my opinion is the view of an ordinary user and nothing more. I am sure that a lot of innovative solutions are already being introduced, which I do not yet know about or do not understand them. And we also need to think about this together with the market for new technologies. I hope that you will listen and choose reasonable recommendations for the long-awaited implementation. I wish you creativity, confidence and patience.