Confused about burn message on attempted terra transfer [SOLVED]

After transferring some WLUNA from Coinbase to my MM account, I’m stuck sending this on to the Terra classic network, specifically on a dialog mentioning a burn. The LUNA balance in MM shows up in the classic terra bridge when selecting shuttle, so I picked LUNA via shuttle to a Terra wallet, and clicked to confirm. MetaMask then warns of a new address detected, and the dialog below. The recipient terra address is the one in my TSW, not the contract address or a known burn address, so should be valid. The only amount mentioned is the gas, and BURN above that, which I’m not sure how to interpret unless it does mean that the transaction will be a burn, and in which case I’m unsure as to why. I couldn’t find any similar dialogs in help and google images. I bailed on the transfer, and not sure how to proceed successfully. Any guidance on interpretting the dialog and advice on what I might be doing wrong if that’s the case much appreciated.

So I finally found a video where someone did a similar transfer, and in the same dialog I glimpsed the same BURN message and no transaction value summary, only the gas. Based on that I proceeded with a test txn (and a now more sensible gas fee) and it worked fine over shuttle. So a misleading dialog but no actual problem and it worked fine.

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Hey! It’s just popping up as a new address because you haven’t used this bridge prior on this address (let me know if you have and I’m wrong in that statement :slight_smile: ).

Saw a similar post here, the OP did mention ‘burn’ is what they wanted to see. Although, I’m not familiar with this and cannot confirm or vouch for any of it.

Glad everything worked ok! Good thinking on your part to test a small amount. Testing can be a lifesaver.

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Thanks, and absolutely best to test! The new address message made sense, but I think my expectation of the dialog was to see a transaction summary, so just seeing “burn”, $0 and the gas fee was ominous.

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100%. Thanks for sharing this feedback too.

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