Tokens vanished after swapping from LUNAT to LUNC

Can someone explain what went wrong with the following transaction?

Transaction Hash:

Has my Wallet been compromised? Or did I send the funds to the wrong address / Token?

It seems that your funds swap to wormhole (luna).
you should be able to get it through the wormhole bridge. If you don’t know how to get it back, join wormhole’s discord for help



Via the transaction, 791,846.70 LUNA (Wormhole) has been added to your wallet. Add the following contract address to your MetaMask wallet and you should be able to view them.
Please refer to the following article.


Thank you @tuya and @Maryam1 !

When I try adding 0x156ab3346823B651294766e23e6Cf87254d68962 it says that “Token has already been added.”

Can you link me to that wormhole’s discord you mentioned, please?

Ok, this is solved now. This is what I did:

  1. Hid the previous LUNA token that I had previously imported
  2. Re-imported it and everything is good now, with the right balance

Thanks a lot for your help, I very much appreciate the time you’ve taken.
If LUNC ever hits $1 or beyond, I’d like to buy you a coffee. Or a trip to Bahamas :slight_smile:


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