Showing LUNC instead WLUNC in wallet

Hi, I swapped some Eth for WLUNA some time ago, but any idea why in MetaMask showing LUNC instead of WLUNC? WLUNC and LUNC hase a different price.

How is this possible and how can it be fixed? See transaction hash: 0xa3afdda0ba930a2e1430c6139a6595aad2b6b4f92191a6973677ed261768e9a9


There is no problem with your exchange. It is normal for tokens to be displayed differently in different places. For example, ETH is displayed as weth in the polygon chain of MetaMask and eth in the ETH chain. We need to check the contract address of tokens. As long as the contract address is the same, it means the same currency :innocent:


Hey @worldinsider1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

The W before the token means wrapped, you can read more about what wrapped means on our Knowledge Base:


Of course I know what the W stands for. I just swapped Eth to Wrapper Luna. But in the MetaMask wallet, I see LUNC instead of WLUNC and the price is shown for LUNC instead of WLUNC.

That is, it is not the answer to evaluate you.

If I add to MetaMask Contract Ethereum for WLUNC: 0xd2877702675e6ceb975b4a1dff9fb7baf4c91ea9, it shows WLUNC but the price response is LUNC.

On the basis of what MetaMask actually feels the price, because it does not correspond to, for example, CoinMarketCap.

What should I do with it?


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Hi @worldinsider1 ,

Can you share what price you think your token should be and also what price the LUNC token is showing up in your wallet?

Everything on etherscan shows you swapped for wrapped LUNC.


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