LUNC stuck in metamask

How do i trade my lunc out of MetaMask so i can eventually sell it? all of the quotes say unavailable and it seems like MetaMask has lost hope and now my money is just sitting there til the end of time.

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What chain are your LUNC tokens on?

You can try transferring tokens to an exchange and selling them
:exclamation:Make sure the exchange supports LUNC deposit on your network -
otherwise the funds may be lost.


My lunc coins are on the Ethereum mainet. On meta mask it says lunc-shuttle. Why can’t I just swap them into Ethereum or another crypto and transfer them over to Coinbase or any other trusted firm?


Because there is no liquidity in the pool for swap.
Apparently the lunc-shuttle bridge no longer works. Because of this, you will not be able to make a deposit on Binance. You should see if this works on other exchanges.


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