Unable to trade currencies

In my wallet, I bought a coin, but I can’t trade it out, even if the slippage is set to 15% there is still no offer and I can’t trade out, why?

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hey @showysloths , welcome to MetaMask community.
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By the way, can you post the contract address of this token? I can search on coingecko to see if this token is safe.


His contract address is 0x4fb1465f9a6123aB6A43a762B08D2Bf493C86f43

Hi @showysloths

The error message that you are receiving suggests that there is no liquidity available for the token you want to swap. Will leave an article here for more information:

And also, like it is suggested in the article, you can search for your token on Coingecko, then click the Markets tab to see where you could swap this token and where it can be traded.

But like @tuya mentioned it seems like a scam token :frowning:


I searched the contract address of this token in the BSC browser, its name is sweat. and I can’t find the token named sweat on the bsc chain in coingecko.
It looks like a scam token, so be careful.

I searched for this contract address on GeckoTerminal again, as Urban.Moods said it has almost no volume and liquidity


Thanks for your suggestions, so for this, do I have any other solutions to exchange this coin out?

You bought a scam token :point_down: :see_no_evil:


You will get a lot of scam tokens in your wallet now and in your future wallets, we all do. Just don’t touch them and you will be safe. But if you try to swap or sell scam tokens, it can end up with you losing all your money.


Would be a good idea to review revoke privileges , here is a knowledge base article on this.

Keep in mind, if you sign a malicious contract there is a chance your wallet is compromised. It may be best if you use a new wallet going forward in a situation when you don’t know if the contract was malicious or not.


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