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I have got a problem. I have two account on my MetaMask BSC network. Yestarday i join one ido project from account 2 adress, when i try to claim it, MetaMask try to connect account 1 and its the wrong one. So connect the MetaMask bsc to trustwallet for claming the coins. But again MetaMask connect the trust wallet my account 1. How can get rid of this useless account 1 and how can i use my account 2, the corret one.

Thank you.

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Hello. , do you have screenshots or any more information that can assist a moderator to help you with your issues ?

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In many cases, when you link to any web wallet, the wallet address you connected last time is connected by default. Therefore, at this time, you need to click the metamask wallet avatar on the basis of opening the web page. It will pop up an interface for you to choose. You only need to select your address 2

You first switch to the account 2 address, and the connection will be displayed below the metamask avatar. If it shows not connected, you can click to switch.

On mobile:
From the 3 lines menu (its actually called a hamburger menu. lol)

Then Click the drop down arrow

If you are certain you dont need an additional account, you can remove it by long pressing the account, then clicking remove.

On desktop:
Click the circle icon
Screenshot (116)

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