Lost access to BSC account on MetaMask


I have a metamask extension on my browser - have been using metamask to transfer my binance smart chain tokens.
I have had to re-install the extension due to tech issues, but have now lost access to my old accounts on Metamask and it has created a new wallet for me.

I have used my seed phrase, however have now been provided a different wallet address.

does anyone have any suggestions on how I can retrieve the old account and re-link it to my current metamask wallet?

I still have the account address of the original wallet.

Appreciate any help as im currently lost and worried i will lose all my money.

BnB ia going to vanish like a fart in the wind.

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you can try and add your contract’s, these guys arent going to help.

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @BrwnWsbi1!! :fox_face: :rocket:

You can find the answer to your question in this Knowledge Base support article.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

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Hi. I have the exactly the same problem today. Is your problem resolved? Please help me what steps did you do. Thank you