I recoverd my account with my seed phrase but it opened another account

Hi! I erased my metamask from my brave extension and when i install again it opened another account. How can I recover the old one? I don´t khown what happend if is the correct recovery seed.


I would like to know this too because this is what happened to me


Es un error de sistema, hace 2 semanas me pasó lo mismo y no me dan solución

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the same thing is happening to thousands of users, in small variations one way or another. my theory is that there is a ‘handshake’ or syncing issue probably to do with the fact that metamask is an extension and there are things going on under the hood to make it work, or not work in these cases.

At this point, i just wish that metamask would post an alert on the into pages that its very problematic to re-install or unlink to an existing extension connection to an individual device, because obviously there is something going on that is causing all these problems

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So the exact same thing has happened to me. I have the public wallet address (which I kept a record of), however when I restore metamask it gives me a new address instead of adding the old one. Really need to get this sorted as have a lot of crypto on both ETH & BSC?! Please help MM


it happened similar to me, I logged into metamask and opened a different account, logged out, reinstalled the extension, but the wrong account continued to appear! I’ve already researched it and didn’t see how to solve the problem, I have the words seeds but it opens an account different from mine! how to solve?


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Please refer to this article https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058120992-My-Secret-Recovery-Phrase-restored-the-wrong-account