How to Add back Missing Accounts after Restoring using Seed Phrase

You had multiple account addresses on Metamask, but only saw one account address after restoring from seed? That’s because When you recover the wallet from the seed phrase, only the default account (Account 1) will be restored automatically first.

Check out this article for directions on how you can bring back the other accounts associated with the seed phrase.

Please note, hardware wallet and imported accounts needs to be reconnected and reimported.

Hello there.
I’ve inadvertently deleted my Metamask Firefox extension and then reinstalled it with the seed phrase just to find that the account address had changed and I can’t see my tokens. I’ve tried a million things to get the address back but nothing seems to work. How can I do it ? Thank you

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same like mine, did you see now your tokens? all my assets was gone.

I had the same issue however solved the problem. After you logged in with ur new password you need to import your private key and then add the token contracts again. So I hope for you guys you have your private key otherwise your assets are not retrievable.

Hi have you been able to recover your account ? I am having the same issue .

if you have been successful please let me know.


Hi, I have in my Wallet 2 accounts, or 2 public addresses, the first one is the one it gave by default and the second one I created to use in the BSC network. Yesterday I had problems on my cell phone and needed to reinstall the app. I entered the 12 words, and as usual, it showed me only the default address, I registered the Binance Network, and following the recommendations, I gave it create, so I could recover the second public address, I did it 1, 2, 3 up to 26 times and it still does not show me the Public Address that I had originally. IT IS NOT AN IMPORTED ACCOUNT. It is original from the same wallet. I am entering the seed in the correct order and form, I check to avoid possible errors, and still nothing. I can’t get the second account to appear, I check Bscscan and there I can see my public address, with its balance, but I can’t see it in Metamask. It is the account I have to enter PlanVsUndead. I wrote to metamask support, but they claim it is impossible for this to happen, but it is happening to me!!!, and I read that I am not the only person with this situation, but metamask does not respond and does not seem to take reports seriously. Can you help me?

Metamask does not respond, because they claim, they are lies, or it is false what we say, apparently their algorithms are INFALLIBLE, they think so, because there are many of us with the same problem and still nothing, I have already generated more than 60 accounts, trying to show me the old one, where I have the funds, crazy.
I have already tried this:

The account you are missing was a secondary account created under the Secret Recovery Phrase you currently have.
To check if that is the case, use https:// danfinlay. github. io/ mnemonic-account-generator/ to generate 10 to 100 accounts and check if the missing accounts are in that list.

I generated up to 10000 accounts using this method and still the account I am looking for is not showing up, no one responds on Metamask, what I have done is because other members of this community have posted suggesting, but Metamask DOES NOT RESPOND.

Im having the exact same problem now mt 2nd account i created to use on the BSC network which had all my assets in has dissapeard and i didnt have a note of the private keys as i didnt know i needed to i thought the 12 seed phrase would access it as thats all metamask stresses about it doesnt mention seperate keys for seperate accounts. now my only hope is im on the Bip39 dot net which is similar to the danfinlay thing searching all the addresses that are linked to my seed phrase i just hope i can find it in here but i imagine there are millions of different addresses its like picking the lottery numbers finding it. If anyone has any ideas of what else to do i would be very greatful

is there no way to retrieve private keys if i dont have them ?

Hi Yamilethsb
I have exactly the same situation. Response from SUPPORT is slow and it seems to be a BOT answering as I can see how it is answering the questions.
However when I try to IMPORT ACCOUNT it comes up with an error message that says - The account you are trying to import, is a duplicate
The funny thing here is that I removed my extension for security reasons and now I can’t access my NFT’s. I have to action something before 11 November on 2 of them otherwise I will lose big time, yet MM SUPPORT takes their merry time to attend to my problem.


However when I try to IMPORT ACCOUNT it comes up with an error message that says - The account you are trying to import, is a duplicate

Does MetaMask SUPPORT look at this forum at all???
Obviously not!
Where can we as a COLLECTIVE “report” MetaMask for not addressing this problem?