Reinstalled MetaMask with seed phrase but account number has changed and tokens are not showing

Hello there.
I’ve inadvertently deleted my Metamask Firefox extension and then reinstalled it with the seed phrase just to find that the account address had changed and I can’t see my tokens. I’ve tried a million things to get the address back but nothing seems to work. How can I do it ? Thank you


Hello, @crismartinus ! Please check this article for your issue:

Hello Serena,

I’ve been there already weeks ago. Doesn’t do it.
Even if you generate the mnemonic account list, what are you going to do with it afterwards ?!

So, the other choice is to just keep generating account after account until you lock into the right one ? I’ve already tried a couple of hundred. The fact that this happened on 30 April and NO METAMASK CUSTOMER SERVICE EMPLOYEE got back to me since, speaks volumes.

Well done, MetaMask.


Hello Serena, did you get any feedback or succeeded recovering the good address now ? I have the same issue…

Did mm have an answer?

Why there is not an answer for this? I have the same problem, restored my account but it’s a completely different account, and tried to add new accounts to that one but none of the ones generated the one where I have my fund. I put a ticket 4 days ago and no answer!! Help, please!!!


Yo tengo 2 semanas esperando y nada que dan respuesta los ladrones de MM

they need to do something about this!! this is getting ridiculous, it’s not normal that sooooo many people are having the same issue!!!


Metamask does not respond, because they claim, they are lies, or it is false what we say, apparently their algorithms are INFALLIBLE, they think so, because there are many of us with the same problem and still nothing, I have already generated more than 60 accounts, trying to show me the old one, where I have the funds, crazy.
I have already tried this:

The account you are missing was a secondary account created under the Secret Recovery Phrase you currently have.
To check if that is the case, use https:// danfinlay. github. io/mnemonic-account-generator/ to generate 10 to 100 accounts and check if the missing accounts are in that list.

I generated up to 10000 accounts and still the account I am looking for is not showing up, no one responds on Metamask, what I have done is because other members of this community have posted suggesting, but Metamask DOES NOT RESPOND.


In view of the fact that Metamask Support is not responding, and keeps us on the verge of despair. Searching in the networks I found this information https: // blockmit . com /guias /variadas /generar-semillas-bip39-con-dados/ I read and applied what he recommended (following the advice, offline) and I have been generating, more quickly, the accounts, this program generates the public address and even the private address, matches the accounts that I was creating in my wallet, I still do not find the public address I am looking for (with this system I have generated more than 60 thousand, and nothing). I will keep insisting. If you want to try your luck, let’s see if you can find a solution. It is simple to use… Generate a random mnemonic 12 or 24 words, just indicate the amount of words of your seed, in my case it is 12, BIP39 Mnemonic : place the seed phrase (12 words), Coin : select the currency, in our case ETH, and wait for the wallet to be generated, by default there are 20, but you can request to generate more, I have been generating from 10 thousand to 10 thousand. The page will show you a list of 4 columns, including the public address and the private address (which is what we need to import the account). IMPORTANT : you must use this page offline, and if possible on a computer that is not yours, it is recommended. As I told you, I still can’t find my lost public address, the others appear, but I keep trying. Do it at your own risk and discretion, if you manage to get what you are looking for, I recommend to withdraw your currency and leave that account. This is the Link https: // bip39 . net
Have a Good Luck


MM is scam, no one tell me about the private key

Mate can you please help me, I have my old wallet address but need private keys for it.
How do I search for it? I’ll pay someone £500 if they can help me :slight_smile: b

Hey @Carlh93, you can show your private key in your MetaMask wallet. Remember to NEVER share your private key.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base: