Reinstalled MetaMask with seed phrase but account number has changed and tokens are not showing

Hello there.
I’ve inadvertently deleted my Metamask Firefox extension and then reinstalled it with the seed phrase just to find that the account address had changed and I can’t see my tokens. I’ve tried a million things to get the address back but nothing seems to work. How can I do it ? Thank you

Hello, @crismartinus ! Please check this article for your issue:

Hello Serena,

I’ve been there already weeks ago. Doesn’t do it.
Even if you generate the mnemonic account list, what are you going to do with it afterwards ?!

So, the other choice is to just keep generating account after account until you lock into the right one ? I’ve already tried a couple of hundred. The fact that this happened on 30 April and NO METAMASK CUSTOMER SERVICE EMPLOYEE got back to me since, speaks volumes.

Well done, MetaMask.

Hello Serena, did you get any feedback or succeeded recovering the good address now ? I have the same issue…

Did mm have an answer?