Lost account during recovery

Hi all, I know this has been posted before but I am just wanting to see if there were any new updates.
This morning when I tried to access my meta mask account via my iphone it wouldn’t recognise my face and went into recovery mode. Once I entered my seed phrase my account populated minus all of my tokens, coins and assets. This included etherium which I shouldn’t of had to add has it is built in. I then went ahead and re added everything just Incase and I notice my wallet address was now different to the one in which held all of my assets.
I had over $200k USD spread amongst various coins and when I look up my original wallet address on etherscan my transactions are still showing yet under the new one it has provided me when recovering my account it says I have none?

The value of my portfolio is still showing on coingecko so I don’t believe I have been hacked or scammed simply that the address I am provided during recovery is incorrect.

I have read in many places that people have experienced this same issue and I’m hoping someone can help me recover my wallet.

Thank you.

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Hello. You’ll need to restore your wallet

What do you mean? By entering my seed phrases? I have done this…. It generated a nee wallet address and lost all of my assets, this is the problem.

Hi, I am having the exact same issue. Did you find a resolution?

@Lucky2 did you find a resolution?:sob:

I’m having the same problem and they just ignore the users!

Triple check your seed phrase was correctly input.