Account Recovered but different address how do I recover my old metamask,

So my video card was destroyed and I have to reformat my PC and after reformating the pc I tried to login my account in metamask
I recovered my account but it has a different address and the amount of save on that account has disappeared

Please help I need to recover the funds

Could it be that you had made other addresses with that recovery phrase?

If so, you can create new wallets and they will be the same addresses made before. So just create some new addresses and see if your old address appears in the new ones.

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Will that transfer your funds over too?

Iā€™m having this same problem but it just randomly happened to me

No, they are new wallets. The thing is when you use a secret phrase, the wallet addresses created are always the same, so if you created 10 wallets the first time, and used the fifth one to store your crypto, and the reinstall using the secret phrase, you will need to create 5 wallets again at least to get to the one you where using.

Not sure if that makes it more clear.

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It does thank you so much