Restored account, I see 2 accounts, missing more


It’s been more than a year since I access my metamask wallet. In the past I had restored it previously using the seed phrase and added accounts with no problems.
Now I have updated brave and reinstalled metamask, restored account using seed phrase, but only have 2 of my 4 accounts (with their correct token amount in them). As I added (created) a new account they come up empty, no tokens. Why is this? could have I been hacked?
one of the tokens I had was the old ETHOS, now voyager token, could the change in name affect my situation?

Please! Thanks!

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @juanca!! :fox_face: :rocket:

I apologize for the trouble with restoring your wallet. When you created the new accounts, were they the same accounts/address previously associated with your wallet?

When you search for the addresses on, does a balance appear? You will be able to see all of the transactions associated with the address there to see any incoming or outgoing transactions.

I suggest contacting the ETHOS/Voyager project to find out how to go about migrating your tokens or claiming your Voyager tokens.

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thanks, yes, searching on etherscan and then adding a custom token worked!