Contract interaction

Transaction created with a value of 0.079 ETH at 23:34 on 7/9/2021.

Transaction submitted with gas fee of 0 WEI at 23:35 on 7/9/2021.

Transaction cancel attempted with gas fee of 346500 GWEI at 08:16 on 7/10/2021

Hi there.
Please kindly explain the issues you’re experiencing and how can we help?

Hi, I got the same problem with the one stated above.

I transferred my ethereum from meta mask to ronin wallet, and stated contract interaction.

What is contract interaction, because previously when I transfer my ethereum, it doesn’t state contract interaction. Now my ethereum is not in my ronin wallet.

How can I get the ethereum back to my account in either metamask or ronin wallet

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you mentioned about changing ronin wallet password right?

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do you mind telling me step by step what should I do?