COTI - showing the amount of tokens but not the fiat value?

Hi team,

Looking at my tokens I can see that on all of them there is a field that shows the equivalent amount in fiat currency. The only token that is not showing it is COTI. Is this a bug or something?

Thank you.

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Hello. @stefanmilev
You’re correct. Since there are so many tokens available, not all token have they fiat values available. We are querying this value from an external API. It is likely this information is not available yet. As long as the token amount is correct, it won’t impact the actual values of the token.

Thanks for the quick response. I hope this will be available soon.

Hi, yesterday I bought wOMI token but something weird happening. So wOMI token is listed on my wallet with the correct amount of tokens but USD value field missing, please refer to the screenshot here Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Just want to ask @lsq is this the same issue like @stefanmilev

Thanks in advance

Hey @protoss welcome to the community.
Yes, you’re correct. it’s a same issue. Since there are so many tokens out there, and more are added each day. It is likely that the fiat value is not yet available for the token.

wow very prompt response :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help I was a bit worried