Create MetaMask Snap

Hi, please let me know if feasibility of extending injected provider API via a Snap is possible or not.

We want to add support for a new wallet_importPrivateKey() API so that dApps can call the API to programatically import private keys.


have you looked over the snaps portion of this doc? Introduction | MetaMask Docs

There is a snaps RPC API in it. i don’t know the answer but just trying to see if I can find the answer to help get you there!


Hi @KBeeTheCapybara, have you found any new info in this regard? Bcz docs doesn’t seem to have helpful info on my topic

Hi @Sajjadkhan ,

I have inquired, will post once I hear something (should be soon!).

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Hi @Sajjadkhan, this feature is not supported yet. We will post updates of new APIs in the future in the “snaps-skunkworks” repository on GitHub.


Thanks very much for the info @montoya and @KBeeTheCapybara.

If possible we would like to work on this feature, either by extending the Snaps framework so that it can extend the RPC API in this direction, or just adding the new API directly to the core if that made more sense. Would your team be willing in principle to review PRs for either of these approaches? We’d be happy to consider whatever development process you prefer. Thanks again!

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