Crypto dot comSHIB 2 Meta Stake/Bury/Dig

Sent 658 million SHIB from my crypto DOT com come account to MetaMask to use on SHIBASWAP at 7am. Crypto DOT com says complete and shows coins were withdrawn from balanced; they did not go to my Meta account. It is same wallet address I’ve used successfully around 10 times. Is there an extremely delay atm or can I cancel this transaction and leave all SHIB coins in my crypto dot come account. Thanks

Did you use ERC20 network to send the Shibas??


Nothing has shown up in my MetaMask wallet still. It’s been 14 hours since it was a entered and 13 hours since I got confirmation email. Have you found out the bug or reason I haven’t got the almost $6k I sent myself?


Excuse me, but I think you are confused. I am just a Metamask user trying to help you. I have no affiliation with Metamask. So please stop with the condescending attitude.

With that said, you didn’t answer my question or sent any relevant information to see what happened. Please send your transaction hash so I can check where you sent your funds and through which network to know where your money is and help you get it back.