Sent Shiba from Trust Wallet and it didn't arrive at Metamask

Hi guys, I’m new here and have a ruge problem,

I’ve sent Shiba from trust Wallet to Metamask and it didn’t arrive.

I already followed the instructions to add BSC at my metamask but it didn’t work.

Can you guys help me?

SHIBA is an ERC20 token, not BSC. You need to look in your Ethereum Mainnet.

Add the token there.

It’s not at the Ethereum mainnet (wich is the original setup, right?)

Yeah, that’s the original setup.

Check the transaction ID of your transfer. And check if it appears on etherscan or bscscan to see if you sent by ERC20 or BEP20.

Also check that the deposit address is correct, your Metamask wallet address.

It will also tell you the contract number of the Shiba Inu token, so you can make sure you add the correct token to Metamask to see the coins. You need to add the token to see it. It won’t appear automatically.

It appears on BSC scan normally, but not on etherscan, the contract is correct, so the deposit address too.

I added the Shiba coin at the Metamask also, everything normal, I don’t know what else to do

If it is on BSCscan, then you sent through BEP20. That was the wrong network. You should see the coins if you change to BSC network (you said you added it to Metamask) and add the token there. Use the contract address that appears on the BSCscan to add the token.

Once you can see the tokens, you can solve how to change them from BSC network back to ETH.

Carlos, things are getting better thanks to you.

I can see the tokens now on my Metamask Smart Chain account.

What should I do now to send them to the correct Ethereum account? Can you help me? I have no idea how to do it.

Thank you soo much,

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Well know you need to bridge the Shiba tokens from BSC to ETH.

I know chainswap has a bridge which supports shiba, but I think they had a hack today, so I would wait a little before trying to use that option.

The other is to send the Shiba to Binance, if you have BinanceCOM.

You deposit it through the BSC network and then withdraw it through ERC20 network back to your Metamask wallet.

Then you can stake it on Shibaswap.

Worked here friend, thank you soo much

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I’m guessing that you’re looking at your MetaMask wallet and not seeing it, right? My guess it is a very simple fix. You just need to get the contract ID of SHIB ( 0x95ad61b0a150d79219dcf64e1e6cc01f0b64c4ce ), go to your Ethereum Network in MetaMask, then go to the bottom and click " Add Token". Then put in the contract ID and the information it asks for and add it. Then you will see SHIB added under your assets and the balance. It’s annoying that you have to add the token manually. I at first thought I lost coins when I first transferred to MM only to shortly realize this.

I already did that, it was exactly that, worked.

Problem was solved yesterday

But thanks anyways

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No problem. I didn’t see that it was resolved. When it happened to me I had a mini panic thinking I lost my coins.