SHIBA not received

Send my SHIBA INU from Binance to MetaMask and the didn’t arrived. The transaction on Binance is completed. I have changed the network on Metamask to Binance and add the token. But nothing. How can I fixed this? Thanks

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Iv got the same issue if I go to bsc scan via MetaMask app I can see that I have received it but can’t use it , and don’t have enough BNB to send it back and fourth to the correct network , so I’m guess I’m F*d unless they can move it for me ,

Any help appreciated after holding this token since the start :joy:

Shiba inu is an ERC20 token it is in the Etherium network not Binance Smart Chain.

Did you use ERC20 network to transfer from Binance??

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Yes this is my problem , I should of read more but was excited at SHIBswap dropping I thought it was correct to do it via bsc as I was sending from Binance

Can you send your transaction hash so I can check where the tokens are and see if I can help you get them back?

You will need BNB to pay gas fees in the BSC network, so to be able to do any transactions you will need to buy some BNB and transfer it to your Metamask wallet (use BEP20 network when sending!)

Hi Carlos. This is hash 0x49c8404430e6f9a0f9c0292b8b69a28e8373fdd8e462a09fffb79f9e0cd1340f

Would be great if you can help. Br.

Mine are on the MetaMask but I sent on the bsc by accident


How much minim BNb do I need to buy to send back to Binance and do it again ?

Thank you

That’s not the correct number thanks though , sneaky sneaky


You need to add the Shiba Inu token on the BSC network, you push the add token button and put in this contract address:


You should see your Shibas on BSC now.

Make sure you have a few dollars worth of BNB on your wallet and you can transfer the Shibas back to Binance (use the BEP20 deposit address from Binance).

Once you have them on Binance, transfer them again, but in ETH20 network to your Metamask wallet and you should have them in the correct network to stake them on Shibaswap.


Same as above. But i think the withdrawal cost of Shibas from Binance on ETH20 network is more expensive than the Shibas you have, so not sure if its worth it.

You decide.

One transaction in BSC network is usually less than 1 dollar, but I would keep a little extra for these kinds of situations maybe 5 usd worth is ok. If you buy on Binance you have to take into consideration the withdrawal fees and their buy fees, so might end up using about 10usd.

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Thank you for your help I can now see the SHIB by adding the address snd I will try the transfer process this weekend

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Thank you for your response 0x2859e4544c4bb03966803b044a93563bd2d0dd4d

Thanks for your answer and I hope you can fixed it. Wait for confirmation. Have a nice day.

I think you misunderstood, I cannot do anything. You have to do it.

I am only a Metamask user trying to help you out, I am not Metamask support and I don’t have access to your account.

Please take into account that this is a community forum, and although there are moderators and people from Metamask support, this is not support. If want you can submit a support ticket if you want Metamask support.

We are just users helping each other.


Thank you @cbayschm for your help.
Yes for, official support, please open a support ticket here with necessary info Submit a request – MetaMask
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.

And kindly note, MetaMask is a fully user-managed wallet, no Support agents can help to perform any setting changes or transactions from your wallet(simply not possible :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot man, I also had the same problem and just solved

Hi guys I think I might have the same issue hoping someone can help. So I have multiple SHIBA wallets this is in regards to my trust wallet. I have SHIBA INU token that is a BEP-20 and I’d like to convert it to an ETH20 coin. I was wondering if I can just copy my address for SHIBA INU in my trust wallet that IS ETH20 and send it from my BEP-20 SHIBA INU if that makes sense. Like an internal transfer I guess. Please let me know so I can do so or not as I am trying to eventually transfer to SHIBA swap to bury my SHIBA thanks!!

Hi @yesitscam , unfortunately you cannot do that, transfer from one network to another. You need to use a Bridge to do that. The problem, Shiba Inu is not supported in the Bridges I know, since this is usually to handle wrapped coins or coins who have contracts on different networks.

The only way I know how to handle this is send the Shiba Inu to a CEX which supports BEP20 network (Binance) and then withdrawal through ETH20 network back to your wallet.

One thing to note, please make sure you have the correct Shiba Inu, I think there are some fakes going around in the BSC network, so if you bought it in BSC swap, it is probably fake. If you bought it in a CEX and send through BEP20 by mistake to your wallet, then you probably have the right one and can send back to CEX like explained above.

The contract address for Shiba Inu in BSC is 0x2859e4544c4bb03966803b044a93563bd2d0dd4d, if yours is different, then it’s a fake.

Hey “cbay so I confirmed the address is 0x2859e4544c4bb03966803b044a93563bd2d0dd4d In my trust wallet. I transferred through poocoin. Like one of our friends above I’m fairly new at crypto and all these sites and changing and trading coins. I’m sorry to bug but do you know the best way I can change over my coins or long story short just get it to enable me to trade them onto the SHIBA swap network?
It says on BSCscan that it is the actual SHIBA Inu coin so should I be able to just transfer to SHIBA swap? I don’t wanna do something incorrectly and lose all my SHIBA.

Thank you for taking the time out to help me! And us!

Do you have a Binance account? The easiest way is to send to Binance through BEP20 and the withdraw it in ETH20.