SHIBA not received

I do have a Binance account. I’m just confused when you say send it through BEP-20 and then withdraw it to the ETH. Like I said I’m so new to this. I have a crypto dot com wallet, trust and Binance the ones I use most are crypto dot com and trust but crypto dot com cost 5 million SHIBA to transfer to SHIBA swap.

In you spot Wallet search for Shiba, in the action area push Deposit, and choose BEP20 (BSC) and it will show you the Deposit address for BEP20 (you can also choose ERC20, but don’t).

use that address, the BEP20 one, to make your transfer from Metamask or Trustwallet to Binance.

Once you have received the funds, go back to your spot wallet but now Choose Withdrawal, and make sure you use the ETH (ERC20) for the Transfer network. It is more expensive, I know, it is Ethereum network, expensive as hell.

And you can transfer back to your wallet in ERC20.

Once you have received back in your wallet, you can go to to Shibaswap and you are good to go.

I just found a bridge that has Shiba Inu. I haven’t tried it, but if you want to avoid the big withdrawal fees from the centralized exchanges, you can give this a try: Chainswap.

You will need to have BNB for the transaction fees on BSC side, and I think also some ETH for the transaction on the Ethereum side.

Good morning. Thank you so much for your support. Now I have my Shiba Inu back in my Binance account. You are a hero…)).
I have another question please. I bought a Ledger and want to store my coins directly in to this cold wallet. Are there also some problems I can face?

Once you have your ledger installed and have an Ethereum wallet created on the Ledger Live app, I recommend you add the hardware wallet to Metamask, and interact with Metamask web extension. It is much better wallet and you can handle all your Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc. network tokens in one place, and with one wallet address.

You get the security of the hardware wallet with the compatibility of Metamask.

For some reason on my binance is it’s not showing SHIBA even when I search for it, am I doing something wrong?

You are searching in your spot wallet? Just type shiba in the search area of spot wallet.

Oh another question, you have Binance US or Binance COM? I have Binance COM, so not sure if Binance US has Shiba.

It’s because I’m using the United States version of Binance I believe. At least I read that it has no where near the amount of coins that the general Binance has… so stressful and confusing because it’s not simplified at all. Would it be easier for me to just sell back the SHIBA, get like bnb back and then switch the bnb to a coin that then I can buy SHIBA on the correct format if that makes sense. Just wanna bury my SHIBA the right way.
Also if the coin isn’t coming up in the wallet like I traded through poocoin but had to add as a custom token so it doesn’t reflect in my wallet total howndo I go about transferring that to another wallet that will actually reflect the correct amount?

Again thank you so very much for your continue help

You can always try the bridge I found and put the information a few posts up. It would be the only way without changing to another token.

The other way would be to swap it to something that Binance US accepts, like BNB, then deposit into Binance, exchange it to ETH in Binance, transfer the ETH to Metamask, and then swap ETH to Shiba.

For BSC network you can use Pancakeswap, and for ETH network you can use Uniswap as DEX for swapping.

Shit I’m stuck man
And I guess chainswap isn’t working
I’m literally stuck with SHIBA and mini doge in the bep20 when it needs to me on the erc20 ughhhh

Yeah Chainswap was hacked a few days ago, and they had to take the page down for maintenance.

It should be up again soon. Will have to wait.

So if I want to send shib back to binance from Metamask. How do I proceed?

metamask is not secure, or someone is standing behind you to take my money, funny I emailed you for almost 2 months but you guys didn’t solve it, I didn’t reveal my key information but My 1,057 million shi shi disappeared I was so wrong using metamask, scammed, and a lot of people using metamask lost their money