SHIBA INU Coin Transfer from Binance to Metamask

Can i withdraw Shiba Inu tokens from my binance wallet directly to metmask wallet in its token form ?

I know thats SHIB belongs to ERC20 platform but most of the people have transferred Ethereum from binance to metamask and used it to exchange for Shiba Inu.

Has anyone directly tried sending shiba inu token from their respective binance wallet to metamask then please provide insights as to you guys have received it under the token section of metamask or not.

Alternatively i was wondering should i try using my metamask ethereum address directly to withdraw shiba inu coin from binance wallet, if thats the workaround.

Appreciate for all the suggestions and guidance.

Thanks !
Shiba Inu Lover

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Yes you can do that, no problem.

Just make sure when you withdraw from binance you use ERC20 network.

The Shibas will arrive to your Ethereum Mainnet Network on Metamask.

You do have to add the token so you can see it. Just get the contract address of Shiba and add the token.


hi, so ive sent my shiba from binance on bsc network to metamask, but i should have sent it on erc20, how can i transfer from bsc network to Ethereum Mainnet??

ive tried binance bridge but it doesnt support shiba

Yeah, no bridge support, you will have to transfer back to Binance in BSC network and then withdraw again through ERC20.


On Binance make sure you use the correct deposit address. On the spot wallet find Shiba Inu, choose Deposit and then choose the BEP20 network and you should get the correct Deposit address.

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Thanks bro its worked !

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Hi Erep,

If your using binance app then it should provide you with BSC20 & ERC20 both networks to use from. Make sure the below mentioned parameters:

1 - During withdrawal in binance you need to paste the Ethereum Address of your Metamask / Trust or any other shiba inu supported wallets since its an ERC20 token.
2 - Ensure you have selected ERC20 network & not BSC20.
3 - Gas fees will be deducted from your shiba inu token holdings itself. But i suggest have some eth to pay the gas separately. I paid 0.9M$ as gas fees alone in shiba tokens. But then i thought these many tokens would have definitely paid me off a bit more reward through stakes which i paid for fees.
4 - Lastly ensure you have eth stored in your metamask / trust wallet as well to pay gas fees during staking.

Do the above and it will work for you. If accidentally your token on bsc network then appeal to binance and they will reversal your stuck token on their network.


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Cant I just send it back to Binance on bsc and then to MetaMask again on etc20?

So I can message Binance and explain I sent. My SHIB to metamask on their network by mistake and they will reverse the transaction for me ?

So I spoke to Binance and they said “ Unfortunately, it is not possible to reverse a transaction after it gets block confirmations on the blockchain. Please contact the receiving platform and ask for them to send it back to the source address. This is the only way to recover your assets”

Is this possible ? Thank you